Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Asher's New Pictures

We took Asher to get his one year pictures finally. We had to wait a few weeks (which turned into a month) because I cut Asher's hair myself right before his birthday and it was not picture worthy! We let it grow out some and then got it done by Des - which I should have just done in the first place! :) Lesson learned....

I think that the pictures turned out so cute and really show his wild personality! We got them done at Target in Riverdale. He is definitely not a little baby any more and he lets me know that every day!

Asher at one:

1. Not quite walking but can take a couple of steps on his own. He mostly prefers to hold both of my hands (or anyone else's) and walk while steering me where ever he wants to go.

2. Loves to be outside. He plays in his sandbox on the back deck everyday.

3. Determined to do things his way and get what he wants.

4. Throws tantrums on the floor when things don't go his way. He lays on his belly and puts his head on his arms, looking down at the ground while crying pitifully. He will check and make sure I am watching and then continue.

5. Has a good vocabulary including Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, Kitty, Dog, and Cracker.

6. Communicates that he wants to eat something he sees by smacking his lips - all the time! Anytime he sees anything that looks like it could be food or drink he smacks. If he doesn't get it see #4.

7. Loves his "B" which is a special blanket made by Nana. We actually have several of these in various sizes. When he can see more than one, like on laundry day, he has to have them all and will work until he has them all. If he can see a "B" but can't get it (like out of a laundry pile) see #4.

8. Is still a picky eater. He is pretty good a feeding himself things he wants with a fork or spoon and doesn't like any help. He definitely loves his sweets still and still hates baby food - not for a lack of trying.

9. Loves the dog and kitty at our house. The dog puts up with him climbing all over, poking and pulling. They are good buddies. The kitty mostly avoids him. He also likes to look at the chickens but doesn't want to touch them.

10. Thinks everything is designed to be pushed around. He loves to push his trucks and cars but also his music table and laundry baskets. When he gets stuck on a wall or carpet or if what he wants to push just won't move - cue #4. :)
11. Is a Daddy's boy through and through. He loves to rough house and just hang out with Daddy. He has Daddy (any admittedly Mommy) wrapped around his chubby little finger - see #4! :) He will give Daddy and Mommy both kisses when asked - all open mouthed and sloppy - and melts our hearts on a regular basis!


  1. Hi Sara! These pictures are too cute! I am glad you put them up so I could see all of them.
    I didn't know you tried to cut his hair. haha Pretty funny.

  2. Oh he is co cute! :) Glad you guys are doing well. We need to go to lunch soon!

  3. It has been a while since I've checked your blog, and he has changed so much! What a little grown-up kid! Adorable and I laughed really hard at your write-up (especially all the "see #4" comments). And by the way, of course he loves sugar--he is his mother's child. Miss you Sara.

  4. He is sooo adorable Sara!! I can't believe how time flies!! It is funny because as I read Asher's milestones today, it is EXACTLY what Diego is doing now. I didn't realize they throw tantrums so young!! Age two- beware!!