Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Things

Asher is a madman.....

Climbed ONTO the dishwasher in a matter of seconds....he is eight months old.....

I am in for it and I know it.....lucky for him he is stinking cute......

He was finally blessed on November 7.......He looks so big and grown up in his suit....

We went to the Zoo with my sisters......The End.


  1. He is adorable Miss Sara! You guys look so happy! :)

  2. OH MY HECK! He is SO CUTE! Yep - he's going to keep you plenty busy now that he's mobile! Love the pic of him climbing onto the dishwasher. haha. What a doll!

  3. Too cute! He is so handsome in that suit...and I love that he's crawling so much. keep the photos coming. Are you finally all healed up? Looking at the Zoo picture you look great!

  4. Yes he is adorable! Thanks for posting some pictures! I can't believe he is already crawling.

  5. p.s. Did I mention that you look adorable in this picture?